XME Banks

Put your accounts in order.

The convenience of having all your banks in a single app and in a single website. Your accounts and your cards, even those with other available banks, all in your Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking online banking app.

And your data is protected by high standards of security and privacy.

XME Banks

What are the advantages?

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A clear view of all your accounts and cards with Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, as well as your other banks - all in one place.

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Accessible from the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app or from the internet banking portal.

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All transactions are connected, providing you with a complete view of your financial situation.

How does XME Banks work?

Thanks to a direct connection with your other financial institutions, you can view all your transactions by simply accessing XME Banks from your internet banking account.

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Access your internet banking from the website or from the app

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Enter XME Banks to view your balance and the transactions from all your accounts and payment cards

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To add accounts, simply select the bank, click on “Collega” and follow the simple instructions

How do I activate it?

Connect your accounts in minutes from the internet banking portal or from the app. This service is free.

Screen: Choose the bank.

One by one, select the financial institutions you want to connect from the available list. An updated list of banks that can be aggregated is available in the Service Guide

Screen: Enter Credentials.

When you click on the bank's logo you will be asked to enter your login credentials for the chosen bank.

Screen: Select the accounts to import.

For each bank, select which accounts and cards you want to import

Screen: Enter Credentials.

Re-enter the login credentials of the bank you want to connect to confirm your selection

Screen: Verification of successful import.

Check that the connection has been established and continue with the other banks

What are the other functions?

  • Charts, filters and labels to personalise how information is displayed;
  • Aggregate view of receipts and payments to optimise financial planning;
  • Organise all your expenses in one place, regardless of the account from which they are charged, to make it easier to manage your budget.
  • With XME Banks, prepaid cards and credit cards are visible if the host bank allows it. For credit cards, the balance, transactions or both are visible depending on the bank.
  • To use internet banking, you must be a user of the bank's remote banking services. If you are not yet a remote banking services user, you can activate My Key at your branch.
  • A list of the banks that can be aggregated is available in the Service Guide . As new banks join the initiative, the list will be updated.
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For the financial and contractual terms and conditions of MyKey, please refer to the Information Sheets., and for the XME Banks terms of use, please refer to the Service Guide, both of which are also available at the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Branches. The sale of products and services is subject to the Bank's approval.