Our commitment to create value over time

Now, more than ever, institutional investors and credit institutions can step up the development of corporate social and environmental responsibility through sound investment policies.

Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking has adopted a service model for its customers based on personalised advice and plays a leading role in informing and guiding the investment choices of its customers.

The sense of responsibility that comes with this role has prompted us to place even greater emphasis on sustainability in our advisory services, supplementing our range with a selection of financial products that have sustainable characteristics and investment objectives.

We believe in the importance of creating and protecting values that will endure.
Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, through the specialist expertise of its Investment Center, responds to the needs of those who believe in the possibility of contributing, through their investment choices, to the sustainable growth of the planet.  
This section of the website contains the key documents on the Bank's sustainability policies.

For further information, contact your Private Banking Branch or the Filiale Digitale.
Your Private Banker is available to provide you with more information on the specific product range.

For further details on the initiatives of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, refer to the sections on sustainability on the websites:
Policies of the integration of sustainability risks and PAI