My Key, your digital identity

Access the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking remote services more easily, fully and securely

My Key, your digital identity

Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking's new digital experience is an innovative service designed to satisfy even the most demanding needs. 

The new digital experience is being enriched with new features thanks to My Key and, starting today, with the new "Investment" section.

My Key is the agreement that governs Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking's remote services and that allows our customers to have a unique digital identity throughout the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. 

What are the advantages of My Key?

a single access codeaccess all the products and services offered by Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking and the other Group banks, wherever you are, via the Internet, your mobile phone and at your branch.
even more secure authenticationuse O-Key Smart and O-Key SMS to access your remote services even more easily and securely
Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile and Intesa Sanpaolo Investomake digital payments and cardless withdrawals, using the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app and trade on your assets with the new Intesa Sanpaolo Investo
online reportingview all your documents in electronic format.

Why is My Key more secure?

Thanks to O-Key Smart and O-Key SMS, the authentication methods provided by the My Key agreement, every one of your remote transactions is assigned a unique code which can only be used to confirm that specific transaction.

With O-Key Smart, the code is automatically created by the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app. Keep your smartphone close to you to access and confirm your transactions. Simply use your fingerprint, face ID or enter your PIN!

Choose which authentication method you wish to use

EU directive PSD2 introduced new ways of accessing and using remote services.
For this reason, the My Key agreement provides new methods of authentication and transaction confirmation that are even simpler and more secure.

Because for us, your security is an absolute priority.

O-Key Smart

It can be used with the Mobile APP installed on your smartphone


Paid service
It can be used with any mobile phone number

Find out more about the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile and Intesa Sanpaolo Investo apps

Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile is the banking services app of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. 

What can I do with the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app?

  • You can view your assets and carry out all banking transactions with Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking and other Group banks that have adopted My Key.
  • Thanks to O-Key Smart, the most convenient, secure and completely free authentication method, you can carry out remote transactions over the Internet, by phone and at your branch.

  • You can make digital payments for online purchases with peace of mind, transfer money to your contacts and pay in stores without having to use cards.
  • You can also make a withdrawal without a card and activate an SOS cash withdrawal for someone in an emergency situation by simply sending a code from your smartphone. 

Intesa Sanpaolo Investo is the Intesa Sanpaolo Group app dedicated to investment services, the quickest way to follow your investments.

What can I do with the Intesa Sanpaolo Investo app?

  • You can independently control all your assets, checking the price trend on the main financial markets, also by activating push notifications
  • You can search for and trade thousands of listed securities remotely and with the highest security standards, thanks to the most advanced authentication systems
  • You can monitor market news, the securities on your watchlists, the main macro-economic events and consult the searches, directly with the features available in the prelogin section.

Download Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile and "Intesa Sanpaolo Investo from your app store!

Look for the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile and Intesa Sanpaolo Investo in your smartphone’s app store.
Available on  Google Play  and  App Store .