Wealth Management

Wealth Advisory

An answer for your every need

Managing wealth in private banking means understanding the complexity of the customer’s global wealth and organising it more efficiently.

To achieve this, we have developed bespoke services and created a team of expert professionals ready to support you in all your financial and non-financial needs, also with the assistance of external partners.


  • Highly specialised management of the complexity of the customer’s global wealth

  • Support in asset management of a personal or business nature

  • Team of professionals with expertise in different fields

  • Partnerships with all Intesa Sanpaolo Group companies

Lending Advisory

Support in identifying dedicated financing solutions, backed by the expertise of other Intesa Sanpaolo Group companies.

Corporate Advisory

  • Assistance in corporate restructuring, disposals and business development, from the very first steps to the closing of deals. 
  • Support in the assessment and identification of ordinary and extraordinary corporate finance opportunities (Private Equity, M&As, IPOs) and in arranging the transactions.

Investment Solution

  • Tailor-made solutions for the dynamic and assisted management of securities portfolios and company cash flow.  

  • Identification of structured finance investment opportunities.

Legal and Tax Advisory for generational hand-over

Support in managing complex financial arrangements involving personal, family and corporate assets, with particular reference to:

  • management of the legal and tax aspects of succession and the generational hand-over of businesses;  
  • wealth preservation in a global sense;
  • company and family asset swaps.

Charity & Philanthropy Advisory

Support in creating bespoke solutions for assigning assets for charitable purposes, in line with the philanthropic aims of our customers.