Wealth Management

Art Advisory & Real Estate Advisory

Specialist know-how at the service of your assets

Our long experience of working with private customers, day in, day out, has taught us to recognise value in all its many different forms.
This is why we have developed the skills and expertise needed to assist our customers in the management and appraisal of art assets and real estate.

Art Advisory

Our Art Advisory service is dedicated to investors who appreciate that art is an opportunity for the diversified growth of their wealth.

Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking offers its customers the experience of skilled art experts through its partnership with a network of independent professionals who assist customers in the selection and purchase of art works of value. Appraisals are given from both an artistic and financial point of view.

Highly specialised advisory services and management services for collections or individual works of art are also provided on an optional basis to customers, on the basis of their needs.


  • Specialist advisory services for the appraisal of individual works and collections of ancient, modern and contemporary art, rugs, tapestries, silverware, furniture, pottery and artistic glasswork  

  • Analysis of the state of conservation of an art work, estimates, surveys, authentication and historical-artistic analysis

  • Economic and financial studies of individual artists and movements

  • Support of independent professionals, art experts and art market specialists

  • Guide to the purchase and sale of art works and assistance in identifying counterparties  

  • Shipment of works of art in Italy and abroad

  • Participation in exhibitions and publication of catalogues and monographs

  • Restoration, storage and safekeeping of works of art

Real Estate Advisory

Over the years, we have acquired the experience needed to manage the specific aspects of real estate investment. 

The s pecificity of real estate assets, compared to other forms of investment, calls for specific expertise in assessing the intangible value of property, such as the style and tastes of the owner and the various locations of assets in relation to the lifestyle and business of the customer, and in dealing with any information asymmetries in different markets.

Thanks to our commitment to understanding our customers and the services of independent specialist partners, we offer a broad range of real estate asset management services, with particular focus placed on risk control.


  • Preservation, enhancement and development of real estate assets
  • Analysis and appraisal of individual assets and portfolios

  • Selection of real estate investment proposals with the assistance of select brokers

  • Legal, tax and financial advisory support

  • Support of independent professionals specialised in various aspects of the real estate market

  • Assistance in the contractual aspects of conveyancing

  • Market research to identify boom and bust trends