Multichannel banking

Internet and mobile banking

Your new digital experience

We provide you with the information, innovative tools and services that are essential for you to manage your daily needs and your investments, simply and securely.

You can access the bank from your pc, smartphone or tablet or with a simple telephone call.


  • A new easy, complete and even more secure digital experience for you to discover
  • My Key, a unique digital identity for all Intesa Sanpaolo Group banks*
  • O-Key Smart and O-Key SMS, our advanced authentication methods, protecting your security
  • The simple and innovative Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App, for your banking transactions Intesa Sanpaolo Investo App, markets and your assets in your smartphone
  • The online branch, to support your transactions
  • Your online reporting just a click away

* Active for the Intesa Sanpaolo Group banks that have adopted the My Key agreement.

Internet banking: choose to make it simpler

My Key gives you 24/7 access to all your Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking online services*. 

Try out Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking's new digital experience, designed to offer you an easy, complete and more secure service.

Based on the My Key agreement, a single device gives you access to all your Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking accounts or the accounts where you are an appointee, including those with the other Intesa Sanpaolo Group banks that have adopted My Key.

Discover the information and operational functions in the new digital experience and search engine, which interact with you to help you find all the content you need, and easily carry out all your banking transactions.

Explore the investment section to monitor your assets, select the financial instruments of your interest, thanks to advanced research and analysis tools, and trade in the markets in a simple and straightforward manner.

To ensure compliance with the regulatory security requirements introduced by PSD2, My Key offers two innovative authentication methods for accessing the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking remote services, complying with the highest security standards:
  • O-Key Smart – it allows you to receive authentication codes and confirm transactions using the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app  
  • O-Key SMS – it allows you to receive your authentication codes and confirm transactions via SMS on your mobile

You can also remotely sign the contractual documentation related to several investment products generated by branch operations, in an easy, quick and secure way thanks to the O-KeyPiù digital signature service.

In addition:
  • online reporting, to receive bank reporting and the main notices on the transactions carried out directly via the internet banking service 
  • financial information*, to check on Italian and overseas financial markets with prices in real time, including in push and ticker mode, up-to-date news, complete and in-depth information sheets on individual securities and funds, interactive technical analysis, watchlists and virtual portfolios.

*Fund transactions and financial information services in push and ticker service mode and in real time on foreign exchanges are not available for legal entity customers.

Your bank in app

Your new digital experience allows you to trade, simply and quickly, using 2 apps integrated with one another and always at your fingertips.

Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile  is the app dedicated to your banking transactions.

Try out the convenience of user authentication and confirmation on your transactions using the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App with O-Key Smart. All you need is your fingerprint or face id*. 

Enable the “Remember me” function to perform transactions even quicker.

Intesa Sanpaolo Investo is the app dedicated to your investment transactions.

It enables you to follow market trends and implement your investment strategies wherever and whenever you want.

*Functions available on enabled smartphones. 

Download Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile and Intesa Sanpaolo Investo from your store. Available on Google Play and App Store.

For the financial and contractual terms and conditions, please refer to the Information Sheets, which are also available at the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Branches.