Pay with SwatchPAY!

Make contactless payments with the colours and style of Swatch

Link your eligible Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking cards and pay with SwatchPAY!


Download the SwatchPAY! app
Available on Google Play and App Store

What are the advantages?

OriginalChoose your favourite watch model compatible with SwatchPAY!
LightPay for your purchases with your watch
FastHold your Swatch near the contactless payment terminal and pay in an instant
ReliableFor contactless payments over 25 euros, key your card’s PIN into the payment terminal

How to activate SwatchPAY!

Download the SwatchPAY! app on your smartphone, link your Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking card to your SwatchPAY! watch and complete the activation at one of the Swatch stores. It’s free!

Download the SwatchPAY! app Download the app to your smartphone and create an account
Link the cardInput the details of your eligible Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking card
Link the watchChoose one of the SwatchPAY! enabled Swatch models
Confirm the registrationScan the QR Code of the SwatchPAY! Box and complete the process with the support of Swatch Staff in Store

How SwatchPAY! works

Pay for your purchases at all shops that accept contactless payments

  • Hold your Swatch near the shop’s contactless payment terminal

  • If the amount of your purchase is less than or equal to 25 euros and up to the combined transaction amount of 150 euros since the last time

  • If your purchase is more than 25 euros, insert your card’s PIN in the payment terminal to authorize the payment just like you would when using your contactless payment card.

  • View the transactions in the SwatchPAY! app or your internet banking and Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile App

  • Discover which Swatch models have SwatchPAY!
  • The SwatchPAY! service can be linked to all Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking debit, credit and prepaid cards using Mastercard and Maestro circuits.
  • SwatchPAY! is only available to registered users of the bank's remote banking services. If you are not yet a remote banking services user, you can sign the My Key contract at your branch.

Advertising message for promotional purposes
For the contractual terms and conditions of the aforementioned banking products and services read the  Information Sheet s . Available to registered users of the My Key remote banking service. The methods of activation, use and subscription to SwatchPAY! are set out in the Service Guide. These documents are available at the Bank's branches and on the website . SwatchPAY! can only be used with cards and circuits that participate in the programme. The service is available with compatible Swatch watches and for payments made on terminals that do not require insertion of the physical card.