O-Key Smart

More convenient, secure and free

O-Key Smart

More convenient, secure and free

Activate O-Key Smart from the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app to access your internet banking and perform transactions from your smartphone even more securely.

What are the advantages?

Even quicker and more secure

Access the bank's online services and authorise transactions directly from your smartphone, so you are less exposed to phishing

Even more convenient

With your fingerprint you can also do without the PIN, if your smartphone is equipped with Touch ID or Fingerprint

Even more practical

Withdraw at automated teller machines using the app and no longer the card

O-Key Smart - How does it work?

Do you need to access your internet banking or make a payment on the website? Enter your User ID and PIN
You will receive a notification on your smartphone and when you open it you can securely check all the details of the transaction you are about to authorise
Only by entering your fingerprint, FaceID or PIN, will the mobile phone automatically send the PIN and the O-Key code, which was previously entered by reading it off the key
The codes will be recognised and the online transaction will be authorised!

Why is it the best online recognition tool?

Improved usability

  • No code to copy... and no errors
  • You simply authorise with your fingerprint, Face ID or PIN
  • You can always check what you are authorising
  • You have everything in your smartphone

Increased security

  • You authorise only what you actually do (Dynamic Linking), for increased protection against phishing
  • Sending the OTP from your phone requires the phone to be unlocked (via PIN, fingerprint or FaceID...) and the My Key PIN
  • The Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app checks the reliability of the Operating System to avoid malware on your phone
  • The Bank can conduct additional geo-location checks for your security and stop any fraud
  • The O-Key Smart allows you to perform Cardless Withdrawals. Much more secure: no card cloning or PIN theft

Choose O-Key Smart now: it's free!

Activate O-Key Smart for free to access and operate remotely on your internet banking and apps directly from your smartphone.

Alternatively, if you do not have a smartphone, you can use O-Key SMS and receive the security code directly via SMS.

  • O-Key SMS can be activated on the mobile number you certified
  • There is no fee for the service. However, your telephone operator will charge you for the cost of each SMS received on the number of the certified mobile phone, based on your tariff plan

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