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Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Mix Sustainable discretionary portfolio management line

Investments at the service of sustainability

The Mix Sustainable line is the new discretionary portfolio management line of Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, reserved to its private customers.

The Mix Sustainable line is a balanced “benchmark” line, which is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking "Gestioni Navigabili" Range. It is characterised by an investment process aimed at identifying financial instruments that pursue “social” and environmental” objectives, as well as objectives of a financial nature.

Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking "Gestioni Navigabili" Range

For investors with an active management style and focus on principal preservation, the option of choosing from different risk opportunities and market exposures.

The range features a number of balanced global management lines and special lines dedicated to specific financial assets, which can be combined to satisfy your needs best. Change your investment preferences by “navigating” options, even by a simple phone call.

Portfolios are managed by our management team, which for the Mix Sustainable line operates in a partnership with a company specialised in the search for sustainable investment instruments. These investments focus on sustainable companies and instruments, that is, offering:

  • positive financial returns
  • tangible results in terms of improving individuals’ life and protecting the environment.

When selecting financial instruments, the Mix Sustainable line gives priority, without limiting itself, to governments, companies and supranational organisations that comply with the guidelines and objectives specified by the United Nations within its  Sustainable Development Goals initiative.

Why choose "Gestioni Navigabili" Range in the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking discretionary portfolio management lines?

Because they offer a management service that is:


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Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking discretionary portfolio management lines are reserved to Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking branch customers. For a complete description of features, risks and management costs, please read carefully the contract terms and conditions, available at Intesa Sanpaolo branches, which your private banker must provide before the agreement is signed.