Google Pay™

Shop with your smartphone. It's quick and easy.

Download Google Pay now and add your Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking cards. You can also activate Google Pay from the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app with XME Wallet.

What are the advantages?

Enjoy easy shopping in all stores that accept contactless payments

You can link your Google Account for fast online shopping on websites and apps

Protect your private data with advanced security systems

You can also link your Cards to Wear Os smartwatches

What is Google Pay?

A convenient and fast way to pay in many shops.

Just look for one of these symbols:

For payments over euro 25, unlock the device (with fingerprint, iris or PIN) and confirm the transaction

How does Google Pay work?

To get started, add your credit cards, prepaid cards, or international debit cards to your Android device or Google Wear OS

Link your cards

From the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app:

Access your XME Wallet digital wallet, or activate this if you haven't already done so
Select the card you wish to add to the service
Add to Google Pay

From the Google Pay app:

Add a new payment method

Enter the details of the card you wish to register to the service
Confirm your request with O-Key Smart or O-Key SMS directly from the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app

How to Pay with Google Pay

Paying with Google Pay in stores

Paying with Google Pay in stores

With your smartphone: hold your phone over the card reader, authorize the transaction and see the confirmation of payment on the Google Pay app

By smartwatch: activate the payment function from your watch, enter your PIN if required, hold your smartwatch closer to the  card reader and see the confirmation of payment on the display

Pay with Google Pay online and in apps

Choose Google Pay as the payment method from among those available
Authorize payment from your device by fingerprint scan, iris recognition or PIN and view the result of the purchase on the site

  • Find out which  Android and Wear OS   devices are compatible with Google Pay
  • Contactless payments without a signature or PIN insertion for purchases of up to euro 25 in POS-enabled shops and for a cumulative amount of up to euro 150 since the last PIN entry. If your Android smartphone has been unlocked for less than three minutes, no PIN,fingerprint scan or iris recognition is required to authorise payment, even for amounts over euro 25.
  • To use Google Pay, you must be a user of the bank's online banking services. If you are not yet an online banking services user, you can activate My Key via your personal banker.

Advertising message for promotional purposes.
The service is available to registered users of online banking services of Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking. The methods of activation, use and subscription to XME Wallet and Apple Pay are set out in the Service Guide. For the financial and contractual terms and conditions, please refer to the Information Sheets, which are also available at the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Branches. Google Pay can only be used with cards and circuits signed up to the system and requires a Google account for activation. The service is only available on compatible devices and for payments made on terminals that do not require full physical card insertion. For more information, visit

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC