Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking with Apple Pay

The super-fast way to pay

Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking with Apple Pay.
Make purchases with the Apple devices you use every day.

Take full advantage of all the benefits of your Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking card: link it to Apple Pay and make purchases with your favourite Apple devices, quickly and securely.

Payments are secure and your purchases
 are confidential
When you make a purchase with Apple Pay, your card number is never stored or shared with merchants. Apple Pay does not store transaction data that can be traced back to you.

If you have an iPhone X, pay with a glance
With Apple Pay on your iPhone X (or later), you can complete your purchases using Face ID.
Double-click on the side button, glance at the screen, hold your iPhone close to the POS reader. That’s it!

Whit Apple Pay, you can pay on many apps and stores. Just look for one of these symbols

How to configure Apple Pay and link your cards

From the Wallet app of your iPhone

Get started by adding your credit, prepaid, Maestro debit cards and XME Card to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.
1. Open the Wallet app
2 - Tap on the “+” symbol
3 - Scan your card
4 - Follow the steps. Now your card is in Wallet

From the Apple Watch app of your iPhone

1 - Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
2 - Tap on Wallet and Apple Pay
3 - Follow the steps to add a card. You may now start using Apple Pay

From your MacBook Pro and iPad

1 - On iPad, go to Settings, open "Wallet & Apple Pay" and select "Add Credit or Debit Card".
2 - On MacBook Pro with Touch ID, go to System Preferences, select "Wallet & Apple Pay", the tap the "+" sign to add card.

From the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app

1 - Open XME Wallet and select the card you want to use with Apple Pay
2 - Tap on “Add to Apple Wallet”
3 - Follow the steps. You may now start using Apple Pay

How to pay with Apple Pay

Pay on apps or online

With iPhone and iPad: tap on the Apple Pay button or select Apple Pay as the payment method. Confirm the payment with Face ID, Touch ID 
With Mac: to pay on the web with Safari on your Mac, select Apple Pay and complete your purchase with your iPhone and Apple Watch. If you have a MacBook Pro, use Touch ID on the Touch Bar

Pay in stores

With iPhone X and later: double-click on the side button and confirm the payment with Face ID
With other iPhone models: place your finger on Touch ID and hold your iPhone a few centimetres away from the contactless card reader
With Apple Watch: double-click the side button and hold the display of your Apple Watch within a few centimetres of the contactless reader

• Learn which models of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac are compatible with Apple Pay and where you can use them

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The service is available to registered users of online banking services of Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking. The methods of activation, use and subscription to XME Wallet and Apple Pay are set out in the Service Guide.
For the financial and contractual terms and conditions, please refer to the
Information Sheets which are also available at the Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Branches.